baconsoup (baconsoup) wrote in as_i_transform,

the end of the world news (the beginning)

time is a luxury i cant afford to imagine. all those gilded clocks so much more valuable than the gold they're gilded with. the clock tics toc back to a time when the keys on a keyboard had a different kind of music than the tic tac tocs that i'm hearing right now. "the piano is a string instrument" a voice that has followed me since i heard it once tak'd that.
so i followed my roots.
thats the meaning of the post after all.
finding out what i knew all along. words are such fickle things, had me convinced my thoughts needed them. i followed my roots, finding out what i knew all along. i found the dirt. the dry dusty soil under my feet, barren and moldy like an old book i'd forgotten i had meant to read. so i blow off the dust off the cover, and read the last sentence first.

the moral of the story...

never judge a book by its ending
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