WENDY (F) first used in J. M. Barrie's 'Peter Pan' (wendythemommy) wrote in as_i_transform,
WENDY (F) first used in J. M. Barrie's 'Peter Pan'

Why fast?

Fasting is a physical discipline that translates into ethical behavior. It provides a day of intense self-searching and an earnest communication with the Creator. Fasting requires an internal calm, it slows down our biological rhythms, and is often done in secret so that others will not feel sad for us, or feel as though we suffer.

Fasting isn't a way of suffering, though. It is a choice we make to unlock the shackles of modern enviorons: fast foods, fast lives... all of the ingredients which pass our lips, or enter our ears, or get absorbed by our eyes, without a thought. To allow yourself to fast is a chance to be fed wisdom that will reveal your spirit. It is recommended that a fasting last for a single day. Choose a day when external influences will not dampen your excitement. A fast should be something you choose to do in order to cleanse your body biologically and to listen readily to the messages of your spirit.

Fasting can mean going without food and water, or food only, or only a certain type of food.

Think of detoxifying for one day. (Please do not fast for any longer than 24 hours.)

Be safe, be well.

Those who choose to fast, it'll be interesting to see your results. Please post your comments on here so we can all share our experiences.
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