WENDY (F) first used in J. M. Barrie's 'Peter Pan' (wendythemommy) wrote in as_i_transform,
WENDY (F) first used in J. M. Barrie's 'Peter Pan'


One way to make significant changes in the way you feel about yourself and others is to volunteer at helping someone else.  It's my understanding that becoming a part of one's community is as much a selfless act as it is a self-fulfilling one.  In this way, every person is nurtured - other people are nurtured by your actions and your spirit is nurtured by your own capability - and your own bravery - of helping someone else.

Think about something you might do to contribute to the life of someone else in ways that will make others's lives become bearable, and think about being a volunteer.  To volunteer doesn't mean you need to join an organization and stick to it like a second job.. you can volunteer to anyone at any time.  Take the extra ten minutes to say "hell-o , how are you?" to someone sitting on a bench.... or step forward for your cousin to go out with his wife while you watch the kids for a couple of hours.  

I'm finding that in our world of ME ME ME, we are often living without the social benefit of being with and for other people.  We need to find ways to be in the world that are not restrictive in that they only serve our needs and purposes... we need to be in the world in ways that also serve the needs and purposes of others.  Most of us already have this inherent nature of servitude... but a lot of times we're too busy to give it much of our time or effort.   When you volunteer, remind yourself that this is an act of kindness you are providing... an act that isn't being done for an external reward.  Your reward is the knowledge that you are able to love, to give, to share.. it is simply that.

It's just a thought, but for me it helps to volunteer.  Maybe it will help you, too.

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