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Out of the Chrysalis

Practicing Life Changing Behavior

This Is Me
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If you are like me, you are a constant student. You are looking for ways to expand your heart and mind. Your core desire is to eliminate unhealthy addictons, to deepen your sense of purpose for your life and to make connection with the spirituality and the community that surrounds you.

You want to transform your life... and make a difference in society.

This is your place to come. Here, you will get to know the beautiful soul your body holds.

Community Guidelines

You are welcome to express your feelings in this community, but you must keep them within the context of belonging to you. This is not the kind of community where blame for the problems in your life or those in society are to be shed onto other people (regardless of their roles). This is about you. This is about how you relate to the world and how it relates to you. This is about changing your life in ways that will make the world a better place for having you in it.

Daily guideposts will be posted in the community for your consideration. At times there will be challenges placed on it and you are welcome to accept them.

While you are here, ask yourself the following questions:

"Am I ready to live a life of honesty?"

"Am I ready to be who I am?"

If you are able to really look at yourself and are willing to move toward new patterns of behavior - ones that are true to who you are and why you are here - please, don't hesitate to add yourself to this community.

No amount of disrespect toward any member of this community will be tolerated.

Disclosure: This is a community of peers. There are no professional certificates or degrees to depend on. All advice, questions and challenges posed by the moderator and members who visit this community are freely expressed. You must use your own discretion when following advice or taking on any challenge.

This community will continually reach out to people who may be in despair in the event that they, too, will want to change their lives. If there is a community interest that you feel needs to be added to our list so that others can find us, please email wendy_the_mommy at yahoo dot com.


By viewing this community, you are opening yourself to a new way of thinking. It it is a way of possibility and truth -your truth- about what you are now and what you aspire to be.

Use this as your place to be yourself and to share your feelings without embellishment and without fear. Together, we will learn from each other's wisdom and find out more about ourselves... the selves that we seldom speak about. The ones we (most times) forget to acknowledge. It is by our authentic value that we may act in the world, unless we fear to.

As I continue to be my authentic self, I am blessed by having you to learn from, to listen to, to talk with and share with.

I believe in God and the power of his holy spirit. You do not have to feel the same way I do, believe what I do, or practice my religion, in order to be a part of this community. I pray that the work you will see being done in my life and in those around me will continue to help us all understand his unfailing, amazing love.