WENDY (F) first used in J. M. Barrie's 'Peter Pan' (wendythemommy) wrote in as_i_transform,
WENDY (F) first used in J. M. Barrie's 'Peter Pan'

3 minute meditation, then Sh.

Using a word that means nothing to you - one that will not trigger thought - close your eyes where you are, as you are. Let your breath flow naturally. Listen to it. Allow your posture to relax. Use your voice to chant your word. Keep its tone even. Repeat your word until you know you are deeply rooted in meditation. You will know this because your thoughts will stop intruding and your body will feel at ease. Be quiet. Open your eyes. Still remaining quiet, choose to do something you like: type a letter, light a candle, play an instrument, draw a picture. Whatever you do next, do it in the quiet that you've created. Only when you are finished with your project (the instrument, the candle, the letter, or what have you) should you allow yourself to speak again. Avoid any phone calls or interaction with other people until then, also.

You will be amazed by the affect that three minutes will give to your day, and what difference you feel when you do your activity in the quiet, restful state.
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